Women’s Health Care

January 6, 2013

Izun has established a new project team to expand into a significant and inadequately addressed therapeutic area in Women’s Health care, Atrophic Vaginitis (AV).  This condition develops in women experiencing a drop in estrogen levels.

AV occurs in 50% of post- menopausal women and develops in most women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. It is a serious, life impacting condition, wherein the vaginal tissue becomes thin, friable and inflamed. AV causes a high incidence of localized and severe discomfort, increased susceptibility to infection and difficulty in intimate relations. AV is a growing problem due to increased life expectancy and an increase in the incidence of breast cancer.

Based on Izun’s in vitro data, as well as on the clinical experience gained in other therapeutic applications, Izun Pharmaceuticals has decided to address this serious medical need. Proof of concept clinical trials are expected to commence during Q1/2 2013.