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    PeriActive Is Extremely Crucial For Reducing Gum Swelling Caused By Gingivitis!

    Only people suffering from gum disease can understand, what they go through or how they suffer when bacterial infection on their gumline and areas surrounding an infected tooth reaches a critical condition. Gum diseases are really one of the most disgusting diseases people can ever have. Once you suffer from a gum disease or a

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    PeriActive™: Another breakthrough trial

    PeriActive™ was evaluated in a randomized multi-center, open label clinical trial for use in post-implant surgery. Patients undergoing dental implant surgery used either PeriActive™ or Chlorhexidine mouthrinse for 1 month following surgery. The effects of the rinses were compared with respect to reducing bacterial plaque, as well as to reducing inflammation and improving healing in the surgical site. Chlorhexidine

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