Soothe and Cure™


Izun Pharmaceuticals has developed a thin oral adhesive patch that adheres to aphthous ulcers (canker sores), reduces local inflammation and protects against abrasion and irritation, allowing the body to heal the ulceration.  By creating a microenvironment that promotes healing and aids in the reduction of inflammation, Soothe & Cure™ rapidly resolves pain and enhances patient comfort.

In multiple clinical trials, Soothe & Cure™ reduced pain by 50% within 30 minutes of initial treatment, with continued improvement to more than 75% pain reduction within the first 24 hours. No pain rebound was observed. Aphthous ulcers treated with Soothe & Cure™ healed in an average 36 hours, compared to 7-10 days for untreated ulcers.  Healing actually started on the first day of treatment with Soothe & Cure™, whereas the untreated patient’s condition continued to worsen at this stage.

Izun is in negotiations with various marketing partners to launch this product in major markets worldwide.