PeriActive PeriActive™ is a triple-action rinsing system that reduces inflammation and bacterial plaque.  PeriActive™ also forms a soothing film to ensure a long lasting comfortable effect.  PeriActive™ has been shown to effectively control oral bacteria and reduce gingival inflammation and gingival bleeding.  Clinical tests have shown that PeriActive™ soothes sore and sensitive gums and helps stimulate tissue repair.  In an 80-patient experimental gingivitis study PeriActive™, tested against rinses containing essential oils or CPC, was shown to outperform leading brands of mouth rinse in the prevention of gingivitis.  There was a reduction of gingival index (GI) and plaque index (PI) at a statistically significant level (Samuels, N. et al. Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry. Mar2012; 33(3)).  Other trials have demonstrated additional benefits of PeriActive™ when used as a post-surgical rinse as compared to a chlorhexidine-containing rinse.  Patients treated with PeriActive™ presented less inflammation and improved healing, with no concomitant staining of teeth, as compared to patients using chlorhexidine mouthrinses.  PeriActive™ also kills the bacteria that have been associated with gingivitis and periodontitis.