IZN-6N4 is an oral rinse designed for the prevention of oral mucositis, specifically targeting side effects of radiation and chemotherapies. An estimated 40-50% of all patients undergoing chemotherapy, 75% of patients receiving bone-marrow transplants and >95% of patients receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy for head or neck cancers develop oral mucositis, a painful and debilitating side-effect that causes severe inflammation inside the mouth that can force delay or cessation of  life-saving therapies.  There are very limited therapeutic options that provide a satisfactory solution for cancer patients suffering from oral mucositis.

Animal trials in a hamster oral mucositis model have shown that IZN-6N4 can significantly reduce the severity and duration of oral mucositis.

Izun Pharmaceuticals is currently running Phase I/II clinical trials for IZN-6N4 in world renowned research centers in both the US and Israel.

Part I of the trial has been completed and demonstrated significant prevention of mucositis in high dose chemo-radiation-treated patients.