PeriActive™: Another breakthrough trial

March 11, 2013

PeriActive™ was evaluated in a randomized multi-center, open label clinical trial for use in post-implant surgery. Patients undergoing dental implant surgery used either PeriActive™ or Chlorhexidine mouthrinse for 1 month following surgery. The effects of the rinses were compared with respect to reducing bacterial plaque, as well as to reducing inflammation and improving healing in the surgical site.


Chlorhexidine is considered the leading anti-bacterial rinse for oral care but it has serious side effects, including staining teeth brown and altering taste sensation. Izun significantly outperformed Chlorhexidine with respect to reduction of inflammation and speed of healing.

The reduction of bacteria was similar for both rinses (with slightly greater reduction with PeriActive™) and, whereas Chlorhexidine caused extensive staining of the teeth, PeriActive™  did not cause staining. This trial should help position PeriActive™  as the rinse of choice for post-surgical use.