Izun CEO, Dr. William Levine, speaks at Dutch Periodontal Society annual meeting

February 13, 2014

Billy smallDr William Levine, founder and CEO of Izun Pharmaceuticals, was the featured speaker at the annual meeting of the Dutch Periodontal Society. The meeting, which took place outside of Amsterdam in November 2013, was attended by the overwhelming majority of all periodontists in Holland. Dr. Levine introduced new treatment paradigms for controlling periodontal inflammation and their application to current treatment regimens.

During the course, the focus was on PerioPatch® and PeriActive™ rinse and how they can be incorporated into everyday use. Lively discussion surrounding the ideas raised by Dr. Levine followed, particularly regarding the idea that controlling inflammation can have a major impact on health and treatment outcome. The lecture was well received, with many showing interest in follow up contact.