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  • Izun Pharmaceuticals Announces Approval of Curasite™ Hydrogel Wound Care Product By FDA

    Product approved for prescription and over the counter indications New York, N.Y. – Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation (“Izun”, “Company”,, a clinical stage company focused on developing high efficacy products based on pharmaceutical compounds derived from botanical sources announced today that the FDA has approved the Company’s 510(k) application for Curasite Wound Care Hydrogel. Curasite is

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    Izun Oral Care Products have been featured in “What’s Hot and getting Hotter”

    Izun Oral Care has been featured in this months issue of AGD Impact! We are proud to announce that our products were spotlighted in What’s Hot and What’s Getting Hotter. PeriActive and PerioPatch were found to be “…more effective than scaling and root planing alone and/or other over-the-counter products available.” AGD Impact, the AGD’s newsmagazine, presents in-depth

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    PerioPatch is being presented at ISDH

                              A study on PerioPatch is being presented at an International Symposium on Dental Hygiene in Switzerland!! The study demonstrates that PerioPatch had a very significant additive  benefit when used adjunctively with scaling and root planning. Pocket depths were reduced, attachment to the tooth

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  • ‘Excellent results’ from new botanically based perio treatment options: PeriActive and PerioPatch

    By William Z. Levine, DDS These two new perio treatment options, derived from “natural substances,” offer an alternative to traditonal antimicrobials. One dentist at the School of Dental Medicine at Stony Brook has already enthusiastically incorporated them into his practice. In the medical news, there has been significant coverage in recent years about two distinct but

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  • Gum Diseases Causes - IZunPharma

    Periodontal Disease – Causes and Symptoms

    Do you have swollen gums and are you profusely in profusely? Do you have purplish or bright red gum that feels tender when you touch? You might be suffering from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, also known as Periodontitis, is a type of gum disease that affects the soft tissues surrounding the gums, as well as

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  • Periodontal Disease Symptoms - IzunPharma

    Periodontal Disease: Diagnosis and Classification

    Periodontal disease or gum disease is an issue that is commonly faced by people around the world. If you have ever heard of anyone complaining about loose or sensitive teeth on a regular basis, high chances are that they have some form of periodontal disease. Most forms of periodontal disease occur because of neglecting dental

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  • Understand Gum Disease - Izunpharma

    PeriActive Is Extremely Crucial For Reducing Gum Swelling Caused By Gingivitis!

    Only people suffering from gum disease can understand, what they go through or how they suffer when bacterial infection on their gumline and areas surrounding an infected tooth reaches a critical condition. Gum diseases are really one of the most disgusting diseases people can ever have. Once you suffer from a gum disease or a

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  • Gingivitis and Periodontitis - IzunPharma

    Different Forms Of Periodontal Disease And Their Causes

    Periodontal disease or gum disease, which can be defined as a progressive disease consisting of various different stages is very common among people around the world. This disease which develops step by step is characterized as having an infection of tissues answerable for supporting the gums and bone supporting the teeth. Different stages of periodontal

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  • Izun at the Chicago Dental Midwinter Congress

    Izun Oral Care will be at the Chicago Dental Midwinter Congress –February 25th to the 27th The CDS Midwinter Meeting ( is the most important industry meeting of the years – and CDS Members attend for free! Come to the 2016 meeting and enjoy complimentary access to the Exhibit Hall featuring the latest in professional products and

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  • Izun Pharmaceuticals to Present at 18th Annual BIO CEO & INVESTOR Conference

    Jack Talley, Chief Executive Officer, will present at the 18th Annual  BIO CEO & INVESTOR conference taking place on February 8­-9, 2016 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. Mr. Talley’s presentation will take place on Tuesday, February 9 at 9:30 AM EST in the Park North room in the multiple therapeutics track

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