The Problem

Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease)

What is gum disease?
Your teeth ache. Your gums are bleeding. You’re fighting bad breath. And dentist visits are getting expensive. You may find that you’re suffering from gum disease—which affects up to 50% of American adults.

Even with regular brushing and flossing, gum disease can occur. Periodontal disease is caused by plaque build-up along your gum line. As bacteria in the plaque multiply, your gums become infected, painful and inflamed. Over time the infection and inflammation can worsen, damaging your teeth, gums and jaw. The sooner you can reverse or stop this process, the better. Gum disease treatment is crucial.

Gingivitis is the first sign: gums are mildly inflamed in places along your gum line and you may experience minor pain and bleeding.  If you don’t treat it quickly, gingivitis develops into something more serious: periodontitis.

Periodontitis: In later stages, increased bacteria eventually erodes your gums to form pockets between the gums and teeth. As food gets trapped in these pockets, it harbors even more destructive bacteria. Inflammation, pain and bleeding gets worse. Without treatment, serious periodontal disease will permanently damage teeth, gums, and even the ligaments and bone around your teeth and in your jaw.

A New Approach. A Powerful Breakthrough.

Gum Disease Treatment & Periodontal Disease Treatment

Treat all stages of gum disease with IZUN’s breakthrough treatments
Two innovative gum disease treatment products are now available that can help you reduce and slow the development of gingivitis and periodontal disease without extra visits to the dentist: PeriActive, a mouthwash that helps reduce the symptoms of gingivitis; and PerioPatch, a topical therapy that provides quick and long-lasting periodontal disease treatment.

PerioPatch and PeriActive have both proven effective in reducing symptoms stemming from gingivitis and periodontitis in numerous scientific, peer-reviewed, double blind, randomized studies. These studies have demonstrated that both the PeriActive and PerioPatch treatments should be important weapons in the fight against progressive gum disease.

The specially formulated botanical blend used in both PeriActive and PerioPatch makes them effective and safe, especially if used in conjunction with regular dental cleaning practices. Both are also efficient, requiring simple and minimal applications in order to work well.


PeriActive™ is a breakthrough oral rinse that kills the bacteria in plaque that cause gum disease. It also relieves symptoms of gum disease by reducing bleeding and soothing soreness. With regular use, PeriActive will not only speed the healing of gingivitis, but will also help prevent more serious stages of gum disease from developing. What makes PeriActive™ different? Its proven ability to impact inflammation and enhance repair and protection.


PerioPatch is a small and easy-to-use mucosal patch that, once applied to infected and inflamed areas of the gum line, can reduce symptoms of gum disease at all stages. A more aggressive form of treatment than PeriActive, PerioPatch is especially effective for those in the advanced stages of gum disease. Using IZUN’s patented botanical formula, PerioPatch speeds healing by reducing inflammation, accelerating gum healing and blocking further infection. Remarkably efficient, the patch need be applied only a couple of times a day for a few days for the benefits to last 30 days.


Best of Nature. Best of Science.

Introducing IzunPharma

Founded in 2000, IZUN Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to bringing pharmacy and nature together to create consumer and doctor-friendly products that really work. Their mission is to innovate medical products and over-the-counter treatments using scientifically proven natural and botanical sources.

IZUN is on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical application of natural compounds: using customized processes, IZUN has found a way to optimize the pharmacologically active substances from botanical sources. In addition to their current periodontal disease treatments, IZUN continues to investigate and develop natural drugs and treatments that go beyond simple pain management: IZUN products aim to expedite the healing process and improve health outcomes across a wide range of disease.

IZUN’s groundbreaking periodontal treatments are just the start: while developing these products, the company founders—both experienced scientists—developed a unique, botanically-based treatment for inflammation and tissue repair that has the potential for a wide range of applications. Currently, IZUN is focused on investigating effective botanically-based products that can treat inflammatory disease and accelerate the body’s natural healing process.

The IZUN Quality Policy relies on an overall quality assurance system, exacting employee training programs, and high standards applied to all aspects of product development and management. Ongoing excellence is vital to IZUN’s creation of one-of-a-kind botanical treatments.

The Science of Nature

We pride ourselves on developing high quality products with an unmatched dedication to service.  Izun Pharmaceuticals scientifically harnesses nature’s complex systems to develop treatments to reduce inflammation and speed up healing.


Our botanically-based products have been proven to work in numerous double-blind, randomized and peer reviewed studies. Izun’s unique extraction process allows us to transform natural substances into health treatments that are pharmaceutically effective.

Satisfied Customers

Our customers’ well-being is our primary concern. We want our customers to be happy and healthy—and the best way to do that is to create effective products that will make you feel better quickly and safely.