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Izun Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to harnessing nature’s complexity through the use of modern science to create and optimize botanical pharmaceutical products for the consumer health care industry.



Botanically-basedIzun’s approach is to natural botanical drug products aimed at reducing inflammation and accelerating the body’s natural healing process.


Satisfied customers

Satisfied customersWe pride ourselves on developing high quality specialized products with an unmatched dedication to service.

Izun Pharmaceuticals, Where Science meets Nature.


  • “I used the PerioPatch® on my patient who had an aphthous ulcer. Once I applied the patch, the patient had instant relief from the discomfort of the ulcer. Patient also reported back that the ulcer went away after 3 days of initial use.”

    Dr. Johnimel Bianco, DMD, All Care General Dentistry, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
  • “I have personally used the PerioPatch® this week. I have an MIS Implant (upper right first molar). I ate popcorn, and due to flossing I irritated the lingual tissue. It was swollen and very sore; I was concerned about causing problems with my implant. The tissue was very irritated and swollen, causing slight pain. I placed one of the patches about 7pm and then again before I went to bed. When I woke up, the tissue was completely back to normal. NO swelling, no irritation and no pain.”

    Laura Lopez, MIS Implants Technologies
  • “I must admit that PerioPatch® works wonderfully and I am surprised on the healing effect. I found them very easy to use, and there is a definite benefit.”

    Dr. Johann Archer, Windhoek, Namibia
  • “PerioPatch® is an excellent device, applied directly to the affected area by my patients with no side effects. It markedly improved soft tissue healing and reduced the signs and symptoms of inflammation in the oral cavity. Having versatile applications, ranging from management of inflammatory lesions in the oral cavity to post-operative care for enhancement of soft tissue healing after periodontal and other oral surgical procedures, PerioPatch® is a valuable addition to a wide range of dental procedures for every practice.”

    Prof. Carlos E. Nemcovsky, Associate Professor, Department of Periodontology and Dental Implantology, Dental School, Tel Aviv University
  • “I work in an Orthodontic office where we see many patients with buccal irritations from their braces. I have been distributing the PerioPatch® to these patients and have only received great feedback! Parents reported that their children experienced relief even after the first application. This is truly a great product and I never hesitate to recommend it to my patients.”

    Samantha Lenore, RDH, BS Closter, New Jersey, USA
  • “I’m excited to introduce this (PerioPatch) to my patient treatment protocols. I’m seeing some good results on patients that I’m treating with gingival and periodontal inflammation and irritation.”

    Dr. David W. Paquette, Associate Dean, School of Dental Medicine
  • “The data, as you’ll see when you review, there consistently is an inhibition in the clinical signs of inflammatory disease—gingival inflammation, bleeding, etc—that’s concomitant with biomarkers of inflammation. This is a very simple product, and again it empowers patients.”

    Dr. David W. Paquette, Associate Dean, School of Dental Medicine